Bachelor of Physiotherapy Course Admission, Fees, Syllabus

Bachelor of Physiotherapy As a career option, the field of medical has always been very popular among the students, because this field is considered to be a high paying field. After completing any course from the medical field, students get a very good salary package, which is also in the form of a month and also happens annually.

There are many branches in the medical field, that’s why every student takes admission in the branch of his choice related to the field of medicine and does a course according to his interest. There is also a branch of physiotherapy in the medical field, which is considered very beneficial for a good career and attractive salary.

How to do Bachelor of Physiotherapy course?

Students can become a physiotherapist by doing Bachelor of Physiotherapy course and after becoming a physiotherapist, they can treat people suffering from body injuries, other body problems and body pain. A physiotherapist mainly treats injuries on the outer part of a person’s body.


After knowing the work of physiotherapist, this question must have arisen in your mind that, after all, which course has to be done to become a physiotherapist. Let us tell you that, to become a physiotherapist, one has to do BPT course. Let us know in detail how this course is done.

What is Bachelor of Physiotherapy course?

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is called BPT under the short name, which is an undergraduate academy course. In this course, the students are provided with information about how they can treat the person’s body.

Mainly in this course, students are given information about massage, exercise and other methods, which are both theoretical and practical.

If we talk about the total duration of this Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, then it takes a total of 4 years for the candidates to do this course, in which the students also have to do 6 months internship.

What is the eligibility for doing BPT course?

If a candidate has fulfilled the educational qualification given below, then he can apply for this course and fulfill it.

To get admission in this course, students must have passed the 12th examination with at least 50% marks with biology, physics and chemistry subjects, only then they can apply to get admission in this course.

What are the benefits of doing Bachelor of Physiotherapy course?

There are many benefits of doing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, the information of which we are providing you below.

  • Any candidate who completes the course of BPT, he becomes a physiotherapist after doing this course and after that he can start his work under physiotherapist.
  • After doing this course the candidate is called Under Graduate.
  • After the course, the candidate can apply for the post of physiotherapist in government or private hospital.
  • If the candidate wants, he can also open his own private physiotherapist clinic.
  • For your information, let us tell you that this course is also in demand abroad, so you can work there as well.

What is the syllabus of Bachelor of Physiotherapy course?

The syllabus of this course is as follows.

  • exercise therapy
  • anatomy
  • Orthopedics and Sports Physiotherapy
  • neuro-physiotherapy
  • community based rehabilitation

Which post will get job after doing Bachelor of Physiotherapy course?

  • therapy manager
  • Sports Physio Rehabilitator
  • customer care assistant
  • researcher
  • research assistant
  • osteopath
  • assistant physiotherapist
  • lecturer
  • Self Employed Private Physiotherapist

Where will I get a job after doing Bachelor of Physiotherapy course?

  • Defense Medical Establishment
  • Rehabilitation Centers for the Handicapped
  • Health Institutions
  • private clinic
  • Physiotherapy Equipment Manufacturers
  • Educational Institutions
  • fitness centers
  • orthopedic departments
  • sports training facilities
  • Hospitals

What is the procedure to get admission in Bachelor of Physiotherapy course?

After passing the 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects with 50% marks, you have to follow the below procedure to get admission in BPT course.

1: Appear and pass the entrance exam

After passing class XII with Science subjects, you have to appear for entrance exam to get admission in Bachelor of Physiotherapy course. This entrance exam can be a bit difficult, so you have to prepare for this entrance exam well in advance and you have to score good marks in this entrance exam. The better marks you will get in this entrance exam, the better college you will get.

2: Complete the degree of Bachelor of Physiotherapy

After passing the entrance exam, you get admission in the course of Bachelor of Physiotherapy, after which you have to study this course with full dedication and carefully read all the things taught in this course.

Thus, after completing this course, you get its degree, after which you can start your work by becoming a physiotherapist. If you want to take its higher degree, then you can also do the course of Master of Physiotherapist. can.

What salary will I get after doing Bachelor of Physiotherapist course?

How much salary you will get after doing Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, it is based on whether you are doing government job or doing private job. In government job, you get starting salary from ₹ 25000 to ₹ 30000. And in a private job, you can get a starting salary of ₹ 16000 to ₹ 21000.


Q1. What is the fee for Bachelor of Physiotherapy course?

Ans: The fee for this course is different in government and private colleges?

Q2: What is BPT called?

Ans: BPT is called Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

Q3: What can I do after doing Bachelor of Physiotherapy?

Ans: You can do Master of Physiotherapy course to get higher education.

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