Delhi to Mumbai Train Ticket Price – Delhi to Mumbai Train Ticket Price 2022

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If you are planning to visit Mumbai during your vacation then you are reading the right article. Today, in this article, we will give you all the information about how to go to Delhi, as well as good institutions and accommodation arrangements to visit there.

If you want to go from Delhi (Delhi) to Mumbai (Mumbai) by train, then you can easily reach Mumbai by train. The distance from Delhi to Mumbai is 1412. Let us tell you that there are many IRCTC trains to go from Delhi to Mumbai. With which you can easily go from Delhi to Mumbai. There are two main trains for going from Delhi to Mumbai, the first of which is named Mumbai Central Duronto and the second.train nameAugust Revolution is the capital.

Delhi to Mumbai Train Ticket Price

If you go from Mumbai to Delhi sleeper bogie, then the price of its ticket is ₹ 650. And if you want to go in the first class of AC, then the price of that ticket will be Rs 3250. If you want to go in third AC, then its ticket price will be Rs 16 to 1655.

TrainTrain NameFromDep.ToArr.Travel
02904GOLDN TEMPLE SPLNZM04.00MMCT23.4519.45
02138PUNJAB MAIL SPLNDLS05.15CSMT07.3526.20
02618MNGLA LKSDP SPLNZM05.40PNVL06.3524.55
04564GOA SMPRK K SPLNDLS06.10PNVL00.4018.30
02414NZM MAO SPLNZM06.16PNVL23.0516.49
02215BDTS G RATH SPLDEE08.55BDTS07.3522.40
02926PASCHIM EXP SPLNDLS16.35BDTS15.5523.20
01222CSMT RAJDNI SPLNZM16.55CSMT11.1518.20
02952MMCT RAJ SPLNDLS16.55MMCT08.3515.40
02954AUG KR RAJ SPLNZM17.15MMCT10.0516.50
09020HW BANDRA SPLNZM18.55BDTS22.1527.20
01058ASR CSMT SPLNDLS20.40CSMT00.0527.25
02284ERS DURONTO SPLNZM21.40PNVL15.3017.50
04672SWARAJ SPECIALNDLS21.40BDTS16.1018.30
09010MMCT DURONTO SPLNDLS22.10MMCT15.5017.40
02432NZM TVC SPLNZM06.16PNVL23.0516.49
04540CDG BDTS SF SPLDEC10.07BDTS07.3521.28
04696ASR KCVL SF SPLNDLS13.10BSR06.0016.50
02910GARIB RATH SPLNZM16.30BDTS09.1516.45
06084NZM TVC SF SPLNZM05.00PNVL00.2619.26
02264PUNE DURONTO SPLNZM06.16BSR21.4515.29
06098YNRK KCVL SPLNZM13.25BSR06.0016.35
02172HW LTT SF AC SPLNZM22.40LTT21.3022.50
04560KERLA S KRANTINDLS13.10BSR06.0016.50
02950DEE BDTS SF EXPDEE16.15BDTS15.1022.55
09190BDTS FESTIVL SPLNZM16.30BDTS09.1516.45
09018BDTS FESTIVL SPLNZM22.15BDTS16.5018.35
02494NZM PUNE AC SPLNZM21.40BSR14.1016.30
06002NZM TVC SFSPLNZM22.15PNVL16.5518.40

Delhi to Mumbai Train (Delhi to Mumbai Train Ticket Price)

train nametrain numbertrain daytrain time
Golden Temple Spl02904MTWTFSS4:00 am 23:45pm
Mngla Lksdp Spl02618MTWTFSS5:40am 6:35pm
Goa Smprk K Spl04564    M6:10am 0:40am
Punjab Mail Spl02138MTWTFSS5:15am 7:00 pm
Pune Duronto Spl02264M T6;16am9:45pm

When to visit Mumbai

Let us tell you that the best time to visit Mumbai is between October and February. Because when it is monsoon time in Mumbai, there is good rainfall there. Therefore, people who are fond of rain will enjoy visiting the city at that time.


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places to visit in Mumbai

 (1) Gateway of India

Let us tell you that it is very famous among all the tourist places in Mumbai. The Gateway of India is a symbol of the unity of Muslim and Hindu religion, people also come here for picnics. Here you will always see photographers, balloon senders and people from abroad too. Gateway of India entry fee is absolutely free. Its opening hours are from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Let us tell you that nowadays the Gateway of India has become a very popular tourist destination. Here you can visit Elephanta Island by boat.

(2) Marine drive

This drive is a 3 km long road. Which is located from South Mumbai to the coast of North Mumbai. Let us tell you that it is one of the tourist places in Mumbai. Which attracts the tourists towards itself. This Marine Drive looks very beautiful due to the slowness of the palm trees.

(3) Juhu beach

 You must have heard your middle name. It is one of the major picnic spots in Mumbai. Let us tell you that this beach is located at a distance of about 18 kilometers from the North Center of Mumbai. It is situated on the beautiful seacoast of the Arabian Sea. If you went here and you came back without seeing the sunset, then your visit to this beach would be incomplete.

(4) Elephanta Caves

Let us tell you that this Elephant Island is just a short distance away from the shores of Mumbai. It is considered one of the most ancient and beautiful places in the Indian country. If you go to visit Mumbai during your holidays, then do not forget to see the beauty of Elephanta. Its opening hours are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Delhi to Goa Train Ticket Price and time

(5) Haji Ali Dargah

This dargah is one of the most wonderful tourist places in the religious places of Mumbai. You will be seen floating in the middle of the sea. If you go to visit Mumbai, then definitely go here.

(6) Hanging Gardens of Mumbai

 (Hanging Gardens of Mumbai) Let us tell you that it is located at the western end of the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai. This garden is also famous as Ferozeshah Mehta Garden. Let us tell you that this garden is completely surrounded by trees.

Due to its greenery, it attracts tourists itself. If you want to see the sunrise then you must visit this place. Let us tell you that the shape of the animals has been cut very beautifully in this garden. The boot house here and the old Benis shoe and other types of figures will totally charm you. So you must visit this place.

(7) Powai Lake

One of the places to visit is a very beautiful place. Let us tell you that this lake is situated on the plains of Powai. Here you will find complete peace in the noisy city. Many types of animals live inside this lake like Bulbul, crocodiles, ducks, etc.

Here you can sit peacefully and enjoy the Powai Lake Garden. Let us tell you one special thing there are many other lakes around this lake namely Vihar Lake, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and Tulsi Lake.

(8) Global Vipassana Pagoda (global desire)

This Global Visana Pagoda is one of the places to visit in Mumbai. But this is a place that you would love to visit. It is considered a place of peace. If you want to visit places to visit in Mumbai or if you have gone out for photography, then you should never forget to visit this place. Let us tell you that the entry fee to this place is absolutely free.

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