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Gullak Season 3 Episodes Download: The Mishra family of Bhopal is still living a middle-class life. Even today, he is quarreling over small things, celebrating in small joys, and doing typical middle-class antics. Yes, a big difference has come this time, now there are two earning members in the Mishra family. The story of the third season of the web series ‘Gullak’ begins with Annu Mishra getting a job and his panchayat outside the temple. After getting a new job in the middle class, the aspirations of the boys who think of doing ‘Ayyashiyan’, are also flying in the same direction. But he does not say that ‘loss, profit, life, death, success, failure, method hand’. So by catching this line of Tulsi Baba, Durgesh Singh has written five episodes of this series. The head of the household is Santosh Mishra, a chicken eater and a drinker. His wife Shanti Mishra’s problems are the same as before. He has full faith in the story of Satyanarayan to remove all obstacles. Aman Mishra is upset that even after being the topper of the class, he is not being allowed to pursue further studies with his mind. Distant relatives bring their daughter in the middle. The story wanders here and there for a while, but by the end of the day, Annu Mishra’s slippers come on her feet.

Annu Mishra (Vaibhav Raj Gupta), who was rejected in the first season and flattered in the second, has now become worthy. On the other hand, Annu’s younger brother and class 10 topper Aman Mishra (Harsh Mayer) is stuck in the dilemma that every child goes through – which stream to take in 11th. In the end, Shanti Mishra (Gitanjali Kulkarni), who manages these children, and Santosh Mishra, still spend more time in the kitchen and rule the whole house on the strength of her taunts. The screenplay and dialogues written by Durgesh Singh have been corrected by Vidit Tripathi. Together, both the Kalamvirs have sown the story well. The victory of the director Palash Vaswani, who has cultivated the crop of stories on this, is that he has held the strings of all the characters in the story well and has given them as much relaxation as is needed. Many times it seems that the kite should not be cut from the surface, but the actors of the series keep the matter intact. The writing and direction team are the real heroes of this series. If Palash had paid attention to the mistakes of making Bhopal’s STD code Muskaan Travels bus to Rudrapur, once a part of Uttar Pradesh, then the matter would have been more careful. But till now the color of the series is being built and he has kept it decorated in this season as well, this is his victory.

Gullak Season 3 Episodes Download important Point

Whether or not this series earns at par with other series serving beatings, espionage and obscenity, the producers have taken the same economy as the middle class in making it. Mishra ji’s elder son is doing job in this season. MR means Medical Representative job. The same son who wanted to do something big through SSC. The dream could not come true. No problem. The joy of approaching a dream if it is not fully realized, does not diminish for the middle class. Mishra ji is happy that another salary account has been opened in the house. The son’s desire is to buy suspense shoes from the first salary and indulge in debauchery. It is right too. Even today, for this class living hand to mouth, buying shoes worth seven thousand is less than debauchery.

This lust of debauchery, like many dreams, does not come true. The speed-breakers of the situation do not allow the suspension shoes to reach the courtyard. Shoes have to be sacrificed for the fee of the younger one. Yes, both father and mother are hesitant to ask for money from the salary of the son, for the fees of the younger one. This drag is shown very well. Small gets admission. But during practicals, he is thrown out of the school after taking sugarcane juice in a test tube to get the right color of ‘Tritresan’ and giving it to the examiner.

Created byShreyansh Pandey
Developed byShreyansh Pandey
Written byNikhil Vijay (S1)
Durgesh Singh (S2)
Directed byAmrit Raj Gupta (S1)
Palash Vaswani (S2)
StarringJameel Khan
Geetanjali Kulkarni
Vaibhav Raj Gupta
Harsh Mayar
ComposersAnurag Saikia
Simran Hora
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes15 (list of episodes)
Executive producerSameer Saxena
ProducerArunabh Kumar
CinematographyShree Namjoshi(S1)
Anand Bansal(S 2)
EditorsAmit Kulkarni(S 1)
Gourav Gopal Jha(S 2)
Running time24 minutes
Production companyThe Viral Fever Media Labs
DistributorThe Viral Fever (TVF)
Original networkSeason 1:
Season 2:
Original releaseSeason 1:
27 June 2019
Season 2:
15 January 2021
season 3:
7 April 2022

Gullak Season 3 Episodes Download Review

Many issues have been raised in the third season of Gullak. Whether it is the joy of getting a job, the era of change, money or happiness, women’s participation in the big decisions of the house. In this five-episode mini-series, stories have been told around these issues. The stories of the Hindustani Middle Class have been a huge hit on the small screen. From ‘Hum Log’ to ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’, the taste of the stories of the house to house has been changed by the Hindi-speaking audience. When OTT came, this taste also changed.


Now the stories can never be reviewed. Stories can be of all kinds, good and bad, bitter, sweet, frightening, instructive. This means that whenever you weigh the real life a little on the scales of the review, just live it. The piggy bank is also the same… real life, everything shown here is real. There is no room for texture. For this reason, like the first and second seasons, this third installment of the piggy bank has also done wonders. There is a feeling of belonging, there are relationships that will make you feel like yourself and there are stories that will then take you in flashbacks, teach something big and maybe tell you a simpler way of living. There was tempering of dried red chilies on the roof and sometimes in series like ‘Panchayat’, sometimes ‘Yeh Meri Family’ and sometimes ‘Gullak’, these stories of the middle class were also seen a lot on OTT. Although people are eagerly waiting for the second season of the web series ‘Panchayat’, Sony Liv has no answer. He has released the third season of his popular web series ‘Gullak’ with five episodes. This time the story has moved beyond a bit of satirical humor and has reached the heart. The matter has become emotional. Annu Mishra has grown up. The responsibilities of the house are also seen on their shoulders, but this season of the series has brightened with the art of his younger brother Aman Mishra.

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Acting in Gullak Season 3 Episodes Download

This time in the cast, the series is named after Annu Mishra, Vaibhav Raj Gupta. From the first episode to the last episode, Vaibhav has shown all the colors of his performance. This time it’s not just the middle-class loafers. Now the elder son is the responsible for the house and from mother to father and younger brother Aman is always seen nearby. In the last episode of the series, seeing the door of the life of the head of the house coming out of his hands, the heartbreak that rises in his mind, which is seen on his face, then the viewer’s cry hardly stops. And, Harsh Maier aka Aman Mishra did the second number job in the series. A senior schoolgirl he meets along the way may have a track on him in the next season, but Harsh continues to win hearts for as long as he can in the series.


All the characters of the piggy bank, main ones, supporting ones or say, without dialogues appearing only on the screen, no one has acted. There is no need. Take Marathi actress Geetanjali Kulkarni, who has worked in many films and series, but this character of her piggy bank Shanti Mishra has become so ingrained in her mind that more than her real name, this character has become her identity. Look at Jameel Khan as Santosh Mishra, after every scene it seems that papa is like this. What a wonderful role Vaibhav Raj Gupta in the role of elder brother. Sometimes angry, sometimes elder brother attitude, sometimes taking care secretly, the characters are filled with one but all emotions. In this case, one cannot forget Harsh Maiar as well. If you want to learn top-class comic timing with a naive face, then you have to take refuge in them. Bittu’s mother i.e. Sunita Rajbhar will also keep registering her presence.

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The third season of the web series ‘Gullak’ sees the pairing of Jameel Khan and Geetanjali Kulkarni in supporting roles. The fight between the two continues. The crisis of running the household is still staring at them. More than Jameel Khan in his character Santosh Mishra, Shanti, the mistress of the house, has the status of Gitanjali. Sunita Rajwar has managed to work her magic again in the character of Padosan. Although in different episodes of the season, all the actors keep adding their characters to the performance, in the third episode, the effect of Ketki Kulkarni, seen in the role of agile, is different. Vishwanath Chatterjee was also brilliant in the role of Bade Babu.


Gullak Season 3 Downlaod Link

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The biggest risk that became a gamechanger in Gullak Season 3 Episodes Download

For the director of Gullak Season 3, Palash Vaswani, this time the challenges were quite high. In season 2, so many stories were shown that the scope of the third season was very less. But he proved again by bringing the third season of the piggy bank that there is no dearth of stories in the life of a middle class man. Every moment is a story. For this reason, this third season of the piggy bank also hits the right place. There is also a big thing that this time there is no emphasis on laughter alone. In between, social messages have been given, emotional stories have been added. It was a risk, but looking at the series, it seems to have made a great profit.’

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Camera, Editing and Music work in Gullak Season 3 Episodes Download

Technically, the team of the third season of the web series ‘Gullak’ has done a good job. Shiv Prakash has succeeded in making the camera the medium of the viewer’s view, while Gaurav Gopal Jha’s direction is absolutely accurate in terms of the content. He keeps the pace of the story tight and maintains the impact even in the slow-motion scenes. Anurag Saikia is praised for the music of the series. With his music, the color of the series is reflected in its dialogues and the North Indian culture shines. This series of Sony Liv is absolutely perfect for Binch Watch

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