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The story of the film is based on the Gujarati backdrop. This is a village in Gujarat, which is dominated by masculine thinking. In the village, it is not forbidden for boys to drink alcohol, but on girls bathing with soap, because the men believe that the women of the village force the men to seduce by using scented soap. In the same village, Jayeshbhai (Ranveer Singh) is the only coward son of the domineering and male-possessed sarpanch Boman Irani, who stops speaking in front of his father. He along with his father and mother (Ratna Patal Shah) has come for the sex test of the fetus of his wife Mudra (Shalini Pandey). Jayesh Bhai has a daughter, but he is under pressure from the father and society to produce a son to increase the family lineage. Due to this pressure, he has got his wife aborted after sex test 5 times, because in the sex test the fetus was a girl. In this embryo test also, Jayesh Bhai (Ranveer Singh) comes to know that a girl is growing in his wife’s womb. He knows that as soon as his family comes to know that the girl is a girl, they will not allow this too into the world and that is why he decides that he will not let injustice be done to his unborn daughter and will bring her into the world. But is he able to bring his daughter into the world by fighting the father, the society and the system? Can he empower all the women of the village like his mother, wife? You have to watch the movie to know this.

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New writer-director Divyang Thakkar, who made his Bollywood debut with this film, took the path of light comedy to handle serious and sensitive topics like backward thinking of society, gender inequality and feticide. But due to shallow writing, the story loses its seriousness. The director has raised all the anti-women issues simultaneously in the film. Whether it is the purdah system or the responsibility of giving the heir to the family, but the humor and satire used by him while dealing with those issues, moves the story forward, it weakens the characters instead of strengthening them. The film plays well till the interval and creates curiosity that the second half will be strong, but after the interval the story loses its credibility. Direction seems scattered. Introducing characters like Puneet Issar from Haryana also proves to be pointless. The ‘pappi’ (kiss) used by the director for the romantic message of love has also been superfluous in the film. The setting and tone of the film feels gimmicky. As far as music is concerned, apart from the song Fire Cracker, no other song suits the song and the trouble is that this song also comes in the climax.


Talking about acting and actors, Ranveer Singh has proved to be strong in every way. His passion for his roles is clearly visible on screen, but he too has been a victim of weak writing. However, despite the creative shortcomings, Ranveer’s energy does not let the hope be lost. Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey has done justice to her role. Competent actors like Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak fail to impress.

jjayeshbhai jordaar movie download filmywap important Point

Directed byDivyang Thakkar
Written byDivyang Thakkar
Produced byAditya Chopra
Maneesh Sharma
StarringRanveer Singh
Shalini Pandey
Ratna Pathak Shah
Boman Irani
CinematographySiddharth Diwan
Edited byNamrata Rao
Music byScore:
Sanchit Balhara
Ankit Balhara
Yash Raj Films
Distributed byYash Raj Films
Release date13 May 2022
Running time124 minutes
jjayeshbhai jordaar movie download filmywap important Point

the firecracker that burst

On Diwali, whenever you get excited and bring a firecracker, say those with 100 sky shots, then there is a different level of craze. Waiting to see when it will be lit and a spectacular fireworks display. But if it is played in your life on the day of Diwali and that cracker comes out as soon as it burns….. how would it feel? The feelings that will come in your mind then, we are feeling something similar to this Jayeshbhai vigorously. After watching the trailer, my mind had agreed that some good entertainment film is going to be found, if we get some lessons in between, what could have been better than this. But our Jayeshbhai has come out completely furious. The story slipped out of hand like sand and only a few stories have been served in pieces.


Three-minute trailer, so much entertainment!

Think of it in such a way that the scenes that made you laugh after watching the trailer of Jayeshbhai Jordaar, or where you were forced to think a little, in the whole film also you are going to laugh only in those scenes and be forced to think a little. can. The trailer of Jayeshbhai Jordaar is about three minutes, so consider entertainment for only that long because the rest of the film is completely flat. Can flats be called boring… just one scene after another and you will be left in need of entertainment. Apart from all this, you will be given such a dose of childish antics, the amount of which will seem too much post interval. Meaning as childish as you might think, the film will not disappoint you in that matter. Giving a small hint, spoiler is not going to happen. You will be shocked to see the interpretation of ‘kissing’ in the film.


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Acting tried to save shame

Now between the disappointing story and the childish antics, there is only a respite or say a ray of hope. Acting in Jayeshbhai Jordaar is good for all the actors. But only acting, weak story has not given any chance to his characters to shine. Ranveer’s hard work has been seen in Jayesh’s role, from the expression to the way of speaking, there has been an effort to make the character his own. But in between, his overacting also made fun of him. Shalini Pandey has also done her job in the role of Mudra. His chemistry with Ranveer will also be said to be fine. Boman Irani, who became the sarpanch, Ratna Pathak in the role of his wife has also done justice to his characters. Jiya Vaidya, who became Jayesh-Mudra’s daughter, has added a little fun element to the film.

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Director’s mistakes which were heavy

It also becomes necessary to talk about the work of Divyang Thakkar, director of Jayeshbhai Jordaar. He has had a great experience in Gujarati cinema, but he probably got lost in making a Bollywood film. Initially, the issue he raised in the film is not new, so many films have already been made that everyone has memorized that knowledge. In such a situation, he had to do just one thing, to convey his message to the audience in a different way. But they have completely failed in that one task. Neither he has been able to bring a new angle, nor can anyone give such an argument that the audience should be immersed in some thought after watching the film. Just felt like getting up immediately after the film was over. The good thing is that he did not try to bind too much role from his side, came straight to the point, but probably forgot to bring the story together. For this reason Jayeshbhai became boring instead of being ‘strong’.

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