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school education Karnataka: Education is an important tool in today’s life. Education is what differentiates us from other living being on the planet. It makes the human being the smartest and intelligent creature on earth. and also empowers human beings and makes them mentally strong to face the difficult challenges of life.

It is correct to say that education is your doorway to get success. and It serves you the correct key to unlock numerous doors which will lead to success.  Education improves are economic growth of our country and it is an aid to build a better society.

Now, the day government of India has offered a number of schemes to educate and enhance the condition of the country. There are several national and state-level scholarships and opportunities for the youth to get the best education. Education takes the top priority in the development programmers of social welfare.

school education Karnataka Educational Schemes

Karnataka state offers many educational schemes and policies for the students, the mission of the Department of Primary and Secondary education is to equip the students of the state with specified knowledge and skills. The department of public administration tries to make youth good human beings and responsible social citizens and to achieve excellence in their respective fields.


The department offers many programs for the betterment of the children’s future. They have 48,987 Government primary and high schools in Karnataka which caters to the educational need of more than one crore students who mainly belongs to the low and middle strata of the society. The department is committed to ensuring free, regular, and quality education to the student in the age group of 6-14 years The state has sanctioned around Rs.7700 crore for the betterment of the students and provide quality of education. The government provides free textbooks, bags, uniforms, mid-day meals, bicycles, travel allowance, and many more. In a class, one teacher over 26 students are appointed to pay proper attention to each student.

Actively Participating to improve and implement new techniques

There is a long way to go, there are many improvements that should be done like the quality of the education, school infrastructure, and other supportive yet to be satisfied. There are many schools that are actively participating to improve and implement new techniques but yet to work more to give the best. The mid-day meal program is the Government of India’s flagship program to achieve the  Universalization of elementary education and is implemented in all other states of the nation.

There are many programs run under this flagship how it implements, monitoring, sanitization of a kitchen, training to cooks comes under this program. The annual budget for mid-day meals in the year 2017-2018 was Rs.109064.33 lakh state and Rs.49671.67 lakh. The SISLEP department of the Karnataka education organized and manage primary and secondary education and increase the development of resources for the universalization of quality elementary education and strengthening of secondary education. The policy of National Education policy 1986 and the program of Action 1992 discusses the serious issues related to education, planning, and management.

SISLEP few objects – school education Karnataka

The SISLEP has a few objects to discuss viz, school leadership, educational planning and management, educational finance. The SISLEP is an autonomous institution and the director would report to the EC. It clearly coordinates with institutions and works with renowned universities, NGOs, and research institutions.  The structure and staffing pattern are as follows-

  • Director of SISLEP
  • Senior Assistant Director of  Public Instruction  (Sanctioned Post)
  • Assistant Director of Public Instruction (Sanctioned Post)
  • Specialist in School leadership, educational planning & management (Associate professor Cadre)
  • Specialist in Educational Finance   (Assistant professor Cadre)
  • Training co-ordinator  (Assistant professor Cadre)
  • Computer Operator/ Technician /MIS facilitator
  • Clerk/Files Manager/PS to Hon. Director (Two)
  • Attender/Despatch  worker (two)

At present SISLEP is headed by the Director of Public Instruction and this post is sanctioned by the Government of Karnataka. The Karnataka government has provided Rs.25.00 lakhs in the year 2010-11 & Rs.125 lakhs. In the year 2012-13 the government has approved Rs. 283 lakhs for its activities.

promote the various schemes and policies for school education Karnataka

The other staff participation is essential to promote the various schemes and policies. The stakeholder in SISLEP would include:

  • Education/department
  • State/District level/Block/Cluster level officer
  • School
  • Panchyat
  • SDMC
  • Head Teacher
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Student
  • Educationists
  • People who are involved in social disciplines
  • NGOs and other civil society organization

The State Government is an autonomous body governed by the government. The management describes and takes care of the management. The management also seeks the collaboration of other institutions to make the policies successful. There are many state organizations and institutions that help SISLEP to get success in their policies- Institute for social and economic change, ISEC, Bangalore, Indian Institute of Management. IIM, Bangalore, CMDR, Dharwad, the Kousali Institute of Management, Dharwad, the Visweshwariah Telenological University, the NIAS, Bangalore, The School of Management, IISc, Bangalore, The Canara Bank School of Management and the CLHRD, Mangalore. Education departments of some Universities, the Regional Institute of Education, Mysore, etc.,  

Benefits for the students under Karnataka State Students Welfare Fund:

  • Award for Institution which secures 100% results in SSLC and PUC examinations
  • National Talents Scholarship to students
  • Bravery Award to the students
  • Sports Award
  • Student safety Assistance Scheme
  • Medical Assistance to students
  • Merit Scholarship to students who secure the highest marks at the district level
  • Co-curricular activities for PUC students
  • Payment of tuition/examination fee to economically backward students and incentives to merit students

Benefits are given to live membership teachers under Karnataka State teacher benefit funds-

  • Medical Assistance to Teachers and their dependents
  • Financial assistance for family maintenance to the families
  • Financial Assistance for the higher education of the children of the teachers
  • Merit scholarship to the eminent children of teachers
  • Grants for construction of Gurubhavans
  • Meritorious Awards to TeachersOrganize literary and cultural activities for teachers
  • Teachers’ safety Assistance Scheme
  • LAPTOP scheme

Benefits under National Foundation for Teacher’s Welfare, Delhi

  • Medical Assistance to Teachers and their dependents
  • Financial Assistance
  • Additional Grants towards the construction of Gurubhavans

school education Karnataka

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