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The story of the movie “A Thursday” revolves around Naina Jaiswal (Yami Gautam), a 30-year-old teacher of a children’s school. This incident not only shook the Mumbai Police, the media, and the city but also left the entire nation and politicians in a tizzy. This is the story of that Thursday, which is waiting. Not the story of the day this incident happened. Disney Hotstar’s film ‘A Thursday’ is such a crime thriller that has a good opening and is bound with emotional ups and downs. ‘A Thursday’ begins,


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Naina Jaiswal (Yami Gautam Dhar) is engaged to Rohit Mirchandani (Karanveer Sharma) and lives in her big house. A part of their house has been converted into a playschool, which is run by Naina. Naina Jaiswal falls ill and resumed playschool on Thursday, three weeks later. After the parents drop the kids, maid Savitri (Kalyani Mulayay) asks Naina to leave the next day because she has to lose her Aadhar card. related work. Naina insists that she get her work done on the same day. After Savitri leaves and Naina is alone with the children, along with the children, with pistols in her hands, she calls Police Inspector Javed Khan (Atul Kulkarni) and issues a warning that she has killed 16 children, a helper, and a driver. taken hostage. Every hour a child will lose his life if his demands are not met. After ending a call, he finds a visitor, a child driver (Boloram Das), who has come to deliver the parcel. She lets him in. The driver notices that he has a gun. He gets scared and tries to sound the alarm. She binds him. Lucky, Savitri returns as she forgot her mobile phone. Naina binds him too.


After this, the drama of the police and Naina begins. The police surround the building and questions arise as to why Naina has taken the children hostage and what are her plans next. First, she gets the police to transfer five crores to her account. Then she says that she wants to talk to PM Maya Rajguru (Dimple Kapadia) on the phone and then sit face to face at the table. Everything happens the way Naina wants.

There are big contradictions in the story of “A Thursday”. On one hand, the film tells how the system works at a tortoise pace that the one who is wronged, suffers from it over the years. He wanders from door to door to get justice. On the other hand, crores of rupees are transferred to Naina’s account in minutes and the PM reaches to meet her in a hurry. Naina makes her conversation with the PM live on mobile and the whole country watches as if there is a discussion on tea. On the other hand, Police Inspector Javed Khan (Atul Kulkarni), who went inside the school with the PM, keeps watching everything standing. He doesn’t even bother to get over Naina. After the first half an hour, it seems that the writer-director has brushed aside all the arguments. At the level of the story, a Thursday gradually becomes baseless. In the end, it tells you that during the time you have seen this film, there have been eight rape incidents in the country. A Thursday also comments on the media and social media in its story that the thing called seriousness has ended here. Public opinion on issues is actually part of the entertainment of the media. There is no point in that.


Looking at recent Bollywood movies, it seems that anxiety and depression are spreading like an epidemic in this industry. Every other character is seen in these stories taking a handful of anti-depressant pills. On a Thursday too, Naina is eating these pills. Bollywood has to understand that thrills can be created outside the world of anti-depressant pills and drugs. A Thursday keeps her thrilled until she finds out why Naina has taken the little one’s hostage. But as soon as this question is answered, the film loses all the excitement. If you also want to see it as a writer-director, keeping logic and mind aside, then you can watch it. Otherwise nothing new in this.

Here is a back story of Atul Kulkarni and Neha Dhupia with Naina, which seems unnecessary and leaves many questions even on the test of logic. Yami Gautam and Atul Kulkarni’s performances are definitely good but this cannot be the only reason to watch A Thursday. Neha Dhupia and Dimple Kapadia are average. Many films have been made on the issue on which this film raises, and there has been an uproar on the streets of the country from candle march to Parliament. There are many aspects to this sensitive subject. On which a long debate continues. A Thursday delivers a popular verdict without any serious deliberations.

A Thursday download Important Point

✅ Directed byBehzad Khambata
✅ Written byBehzad Khambata
✅ Story byAshley Michael Lobo
Behzad Khambata
✅ Dialogue byVijay Maurya
✅ Produced byRonnie Screwvala
Premnath Rajagopalan
✅ StarringYami Gautam
✅ CinematographyAnuj Rakesh Dhawan
✅ Edited bySumeet Kotian
✅ Music byRooshin Dalal
Kaizad Gherda
✅ Production companiesRSVP Movies
Blue Monkey Films
✅ Distributed byDisney+ Hotstar
✅ Release date17 February 2022
✅ CountryIndia
✅ LanguageHindi
✅ Budget₹17 crores
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A Thursday download Acting Cast :

Yami Gautam has put life into the character of Naina. It is interesting to see when she brings passion and savagery in her eyes while talking innocently with the kids. At some places, it seems that she is not able to understand the nuances of the character, but still, she adapts herself according to the need of her character. The characters of Dimple Kapadia and Neha Dhupia are important in the film. Neha Dhupia’s character of Pregnant ACP Catherine Alvarez is commendable. And he has given a powerful performance. Atul Kulkarni’s talent can never be questioned. Everyone is aware of his acting ability. And in this film too, he has put his whole life into his character. He has played the role given to him in a perfect way. Karanvir Sharma, Kalyani Mule and Maya Sarao have done a good job in their respective roles.


the director of A Thursday download Movie

Behzad Khambata sets a tone right from the very first scene of the film. The film is a suspense-thriller that moves slowly and tackles a deeply relevant issue. The film has an important backstory. The director is sensitive about the subject, perhaps that is why the emotions overshadow the suspense of the film; Especially in the second half. Some part of the story about the Prime Minister’s character seems a bit unbelievable. But the script of the film is so tight that it doesn’t distract you. This story keeps you hooked for 2 hours.

A Thursday download Trailer Review

The trailer for A Thursday begins with a phone call. Watching this 2 minutes 22-second trailer, it is revealed that the story of the film is with the laughter and innocence of a kindergarten teacher Naina Jaiswal (Yami Gautam Dhar) suddenly takes 16 children hostage. Yami Gautam calls the Colaba police station and tells that she has taken 16 children hostage from the school where she teaches. Yami then puts her demands in front of the police.


Then there is the entry of Neha Dhupia in the scene, who has become ACP in the film, Yami Gautam says that if the police do not accept my demand, then every hour a child will die, gives goosebumps. The twist comes when Yami Gautam demands to speak to the Prime Minister. Dimple Kapadia is in the role of PM in the film. Yami threatens that if the honorable Prime Minister does not talk to her, she will be responsible for the death of the next child. Fans are also appreciating Yami Gautam’s deathly attitude and expression. Her dialogues in the trailer are astonishing, especially when she says – every hour a child will die if the police do not obey my demands. Why did Naina take such a drastic step? What is his purpose? The answers to these lakh questions will be solved gradually. A story that will unfold the dark side of human nature with an amazing twist of events.

अगर आप A thursday फिल्म ऑनलाइन देखना चाहते है तो ऑनलाइन देख भी सकते है और डाउनलोड भी कर सकते है A thursday Full Movie को हॉटस्टार पर रिलीज़ किया गया है जहाँ से ऑनलाइन देख सकते है इसके अलावा अगर आप डाउनलोड करना चाहते है तो हॉटस्टार App को download इनस्टॉल कर लेते है तो इस हॉटस्टार एप्प में डाउनलोड भी कर सकते है और जब चाहे ऑफलाइन अपने मोबाइल में देख सकते है

Apart from Yami Gautam Dhar, Dimple Kapadia, Neha Dhupia, and Atul Kulkarni are also seen in the lead roles in the film.

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A Thursday Cast

Yami Gautam (as a Naina Jaiswal)Karanvir Sharma
Atul Kulkarni (As a Javed Khan)Maya Sarad
Neha Dhupia (As a ACP Catherine Alvarez)Kalyanee Mulay
Dimple Kapadia (As a Prime Minister of India)Boloram Das

A Thursday download Review

What can a common man do after he has lost his trust in the system? Either he speaks his words on social media or complains to the office bearer of any organization or he sits down and straightens something out of frustration. There are also many people who sit quietly with dismay. But, the film ‘A Thursday’ is the story of a young woman enraged by the system whose intention is to remove the filth in the ears of the system, make her hear the cries of the public and remove the blindfold of justice, and splinter on the surrounding white-collar people. have to be identified.

Overall, it is a time pass suspense thriller, whose hero is Yami Gautam. At the same time, a unique social message has been tried to be given in this movie, which does not connect with the audience that much emotionally, here you can feel the lack of direction that it did not lay the foundation for its most important issue in a strong way. laid. Still, the movie is not very long, so it doesn’t get boring. But if the director’s wish was to make it such a movie, which would be discussed in the street, then he should accept that original idea are needed for it, not any imitation. Those who would have seen ‘Act 1978’, will not enjoy this movie that much.

The director of the film Behzad Khambata tried hard to keep the audience engaged with this film but at some places the film was unable to make an impact on the audience where it was needed. The scripting felt quite light in some places. At the same time, the director failed to keep the audience hooked to the film till the end. Talk about background music, it could have been better. The camera movement captured the special moments well due to which the audience was able to capture the main points of the film.

It is streaming on Disney Hotstar. This crime thriller film started well in which many emotional ups and downs were seen. In terms of suspense too, the film performed well and kept the audience hooked till the end. But at some places, the film started to fade. Half an hour before the end, most of the strings of this film were exposed, due to which the story ahead became meaningless, but to see the complete suspense, the audience must watch this film till the end.

If you want to watch a suspense thriller movie then you can watch this movie. The strong performances of Yami Gautam and Atul Kulkarni will impress you. Although you will get the feel of the story of the film from its beginning, but still you will remain interested in this film. The story of the film is good but at some places the screenplay seems weak. Where the comparison of this film was happening with Neeraj Pandey’s ‘A Wednesday’, it is not compared to it but still good.

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