Bihar Labor Card Registration Online 2022

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Bihar Labor Card Registration Online Apply 2022: Friends, if you are also a resident of Bihar and do labor work related to building construction, then you should Bihar Labor Registration Must do. Bihar Government labor card Gives the benefit of many types of schemes to the holders. The most important of which is, sends 5000 rupees to the account every year in the form of dress and medical assistance. Along with this, the benefits of many other schemes are given, which are mentioned below. if you bihar labor card online apply 2022 If you want to do this then read this post from beginning to end. Because just now the Bihar government has issued the online link for labor card. Bihar Labor Card Registration Online 2022 Through this post we are going to tell you all the information. If you like the post, then share it with your friends and after reading the post, if you have any question in your mind then comment in the comment section below.

Bihar Labor Card Online Apply 2022 Previews

Article NameBihar Labor Card Online Apply 2022 | Bihar Labor Card Online Application and Renewal has started. Bihar Labor Card Registration Online 2022
Post DateLebar Card Online Apply 2022
Post TypeLabor Card Registration Bihar Online
Card NameLabor Card Bihar
DepartmentBihar Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board
Official Website
Apply ModeOnline
Application FeeRs 50
Who is EligibleBihar Building Contract Workers
BenefitsProviding financial assistance to all labor laborers

Bihar Labor Card Online Apply 2022 Fee

Registration fee is ₹ 20 and monthly contribution at the rate of 50 paise per month for a free 5 years at the time of registration ₹ 30 registration and fee ₹ 50 is payable. After 5 years everyone will have to renew. If not deposited in time, the membership will be terminated and the worker will not get any kind of benefit from the board.

labour-licence-online-apply-bihar-बिहार लेबर कार्ड

If the membership of the registered construction worker is broken due to non-deposit of contribution on time, then this exemption can be revived by the registration officer. Provided that the construction workers shall deposit the outstanding contribution for the period of break at the rate of fifty paise per month in the treasury of the Board. Provided that such membership shall not be revived more than twice.

What is the labor card in Hindi

labor card As the name suggests, it is a labor card, which is also called labor card as well as labor card and labor card. This card is made for those people who do daily wages, such as mason, carpenter, blacksmith, painter, labor or any kind of labor, all those people come under labor.

For the development of the poor laborers, the state governments labor card online apply bihar Bihar or almost all the states have started a scheme for the poor laborer’s family to get the benefits of government schemes and take advantage of those schemes.

Upcoming tasks in Bihar Labor Registration

1Unskilled workers engaged in building construction and road construction work
2Raj Mistri
3mason’s helper
7building electrician
8Floor/floor tiles worker and his assistants in the building
9setter and ironworker
10gate grill and building work
11Concrete Mixer / Concrete Mixer Machine Operator and Concrete Mix Transporter
12female worker washing cement mix
13Workers engaged in roller driver road bridge and dam construction work
14Workers operating various modern machines in road bridge dam building construction work
15watchman engaged in dam bridge road or building construction work
16Plumbers / fitters etc. doing the work of water management in building construction
17Workers engaged in the work of making bricks and breaking stones
18Skilled temporary workers engaged in construction of Government of Bihar, Railway, Telephone, Airport etc.
19Under the MNREGA program (except horticulture and forestry), all the above works are visible to the commissioner, it may increase.
labour-card-benefits-in-bihar-बिहार लेबर कार्ड

Bihar Labor Registration Online Documents Required

  • Application Form (whose download link is given below)
  • Aadhar Card
  • bank account
  • two color photo size photograph
  • family member’s name
  • mobile number
  • Proof of age (such as Aadhar card, voter ID, letter school certificate, birth certificate, certificate by a medical officer not below the rank of Assistant Civil Surgeon from government service)
  • Certificate of having worked for 90 days by the employer (in case the employer does not provide proof of work, an affidavit will have to be submitted in respect of 90 days of work)

Bihar Labor Card Apply Online 2022 kaise kare | how to apply bihar labor card online

Bihar Labor Registration Online First of all we have to go to the official website of Bihar Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare DepartmentGiven Labor Registration Click on the button. Now you will get many options as you can see in the photo below.

By clicking on the given button, you can check labor card online registration, labor card online renewal, registration status and views payments status as per your convenience.

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labor card benefits in Bihar in hindi

Bihar labor card The holders are given the benefit of different schemes which are as follows:-

A state in Eastern India The government provides financial assistance of up to 60,000 to the children of laborers for higher education. If the child or daughter of the laborer obtains 80 per cent marks, he will get Rs 25,000, Rs 15,000 for 70 per cent marks and Rs 10,000 for 60 per cent marks. Prize Are being given..

Bihar Labor Card Status Online Bihar 2022

Bihar labor card staus check first to application status go to the official website of By clicking on the given view application status button, you can check the status of Bihar Labor Card by entering the requested information.

Bihar Labor Card Download Online 2022

bihar labor card download first to OFFICIAL WEBSITE go and given Application Status click on the button Now enter your Aadhar Number, Mobile Number If your labor card has been made then it should be displayed in front of you. which you can download and print

YouTube video

How to remove Bihar Labor Card list 2022

Bihar labor card list first to remove OFFICIAL WEBSITE go and given REGISTER LABOR click on the button

Now select your district, block, and panchayat

The Bihar labor card list 2021 of all the labor cardholders of your panchayat will come in front of you, in which you can see your name.

Bihar Labor Card Registration Online Links

welfare schemes run by the Bihar Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board

Maternity Benefit:

 On completion of membership of a minimum of one year, the registered female construction worker is payable for the first two deliveries, an amount equivalent to 90 days’ wages of the minimum wages fixed by the State Government for unskilled workers on the date of delivery. This grant is in addition to health, social welfare, and other departments.

Financial Aid for Education:

On completion of membership of a minimum of one year, to the sons and daughters of the registered construction workers:

  • I. I. T. / I. Full Tuition Fee for Admission in Government Institutions of Excellence like IM and AIIMS etc.
  • B. One-time ₹20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand) for admission to a government institute for Tech or equivalent course
  • One-time Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) for the study of Government Polytechnic/Nursing or equivalent diploma course
  • Lump-sum of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees five thousand) for Government ITI or equivalent

cash reward :

 After membership of a minimum of one year, maximum two children of registered construction workers get 80% or more marks in 10th and 12th examination conducted by any board under Bihar State every year ₹ 25 thousand, 70% to 79.99% 15 thousand on getting marks and ₹ 10 thousand will be given on getting 60% to 69.99% marks.

Financial Aid for Marriage:

₹ 50,000/- (fifty thousand) to the registered male/female worker for three years compulsorily being a member, their two adult daughters or the female member herself, but the worker who marries for the second time is not entitled to this scheme. This is in addition to the inter-caste marriage promotion scheme.

Bicycle Purchase Scheme:

After completing the membership of a minimum of one year, after purchasing the cycle, a maximum of ₹ 3,500/- (Rupees three thousand five hundred) on providing a receipt for the purchase of the cycle.

Tool Purchase Scheme:

Maximum ₹ 15,000/- (Rupees fifteen thousand) to the registered construction workers for skill up-gradation after training them, the tools of their respective trades.

Building Repair Grant Scheme:

Maximum ₹20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand) on completion of three years membership, only once. But those who have already received money for building/bicycle and tools will not be given this benefit.

Medical assistance to the beneficiary:

An amount equivalent to the Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance Fund. Those workers who have not received the amount from the Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance Fund, will be given an equivalent amount by the Health Department for the treatment of incurable diseases.

Annual Medical Assistance Scheme:

Its benefit will be available to all registered eligible construction workers, under which a lump sum amount of ₹ 3,000/- (Rupees three thousand) per year will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account.


On completion of minimum of five years of membership and after 60 years of age, a pension of ₹ 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand) will be payable per month. Provided that the benefit of pension is not received under another social security scheme.

disability pension:

₹1,000/- (Rupees one thousand) per month, Paralysis, Leprosy, T.B. Or in case of permanent disability due to accident etc. and in case of permanent total disablement, a lump sum of 75,000/- (Rupees seventy five thousand) and in case of partial disability a lump sum of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) is payable.

Financial assistance for cremation:

₹ 5000/- (Rupees five thousand) to the dependent of the registered construction worker.

death benefit

(a) 12,00,000/- (Rupees two lakh) in natural death

(b) 24,00,000/- (Rupees four lakh) in accidental death, if the death occurs at the time of disaster and the grant has been given by the disaster management, then in that case only 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh rupees) by the Board. ) is payable.

Family Pension:

50% of the amount received by the pensioner after the death of the pensioner or 100/- (Rupees One Hundred) whichever is higher.

Paternity Benefits:

On completion of membership of minimum one year, male worker, whose wife is not registered with the Board, will be payable at the rate of ₹ 6,000/- (Rupees six thousand) per delivery for the first two deliveries of his wife.

The benefits of all the welfare schemes run by the board are payable to the qualified registered construction workers/ their dependents as per the board rules. ,

  1. For transparency, the amount of all welfare schemes is transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account through RTGS method.
  2. Out of the above schemes, except the “Annual Medical Assistance Scheme”, for all other schemes, it is mandatory for the beneficiary to apply in the prescribed form to the concerned labor office.
  3. In case of any complaint, you can contact the phone number-0612-2525558 or the board’s e-mail .
  4. For the benefits of the schemes, contact can be established with the office of the labor superintendent of the concerned district, whose e-mail id. And the mobile number is available on the board’s website –

Click here to know the telephone number and office address of labor superintendents posted in the regional offices under the control of Bihar.

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