Gram Pradhan Complain Helpline Number & See Panchayat work details 2022

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The villagers expect a lot from the Gram Pradhan. His task is to develop the village. Implementation of government schemes in the village, but many Gram Pradhan do not do so. Many village heads consume development money and many get involved in other works of corruption. In such a situation, the villagers very much want that they should complain to the village head, but they do not know where and to whom they can complain. Today we are going to remove this problem from them. Today in this post we will tell how they can complain to village head. Hope you like this post.

Who is the Gram Pradhan?

How to complain to Gram Pradhan? Before knowing this, it is very important to know who is the village head. The system of Panchayati Raj has been given under Article 243 of the Constitution of India. Under this, Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat are constituted. Each village has a headman, who is called the village head or sarpanch. Normally the responsibility of the development of the entire village rests on the shoulders of this village head.

How to complain about your Gram Pradhan?

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh and you have a complaint that your Gram Pradhan is also involved in financial embezzlement, rigging development works or his conduct is corrupt, then you can complain about him sitting at home through a toll-free number. Can direct through This number is- 1076, Your complaint will be registered after taking your details from you. From here the complaint is sent to the concerned department. If there is no solution from here, then the matter is referred to the higher authority. If despite this the problem is not resolved within a week, then action will be taken against the officials concerned.


When was the Citizen Grievance Helpline launched?

Let us inform you that in July 2019, this helpline was started by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath. The special thing is that this helpline works 24×7 i.e. 24 hours, seven days. For this 24 hours staff has been deployed. There is a provision of 80 thousand inbound calls in the helpline. However, if someone makes a false call in the helpline, then instructions have been given by CM Yogi Adityanath to ensure that action is taken on that too. If you want, you can also complain about your Gram Pradhan by visiting the website of plan plus

No matter how you complain, the government has been asked by the government to take such complaints seriously, so that the public can fearlessly take their complaints through the helpline center to the right place and get their solution.

How to meet the DM and complain about the Gram Pradhan?

The best way to complain about the Gram Pradhan is to meet the DM. It also has a process. which is as follows-

  • First of all write a complaint letter. Write your complaint in detail in it. For example, give details of the work done by the Gram Pradhan and the rigging in it.
  • Along with this complaint letter, attach the proof of complaint such as the details received in RTI, etc.
  • You are a resident of the same village, you will have to carry your Aadhar card with you for verification. If you want, you can go alone or with other people of the village and complain.
  • After that meet the DM. Tell them your point in detail with evidence.
  • If the DM agrees with you, then a committee will be formed on his behalf to investigate the matter.
  • District Panchayati Raj Officer (DPRO), District Panchayat Officer (DPO), BDO, and ADO are kept in this team.
  • The team will visit the village and inspect the development works on the basis of complaints. Will talk to the villagers and prepare a report.
  • After this committee will submit its report to the DM.
  • If the report is proved to be rigged, then the DM ensures action against Pradhan. Legal action is taken if the allegation of financial fraud is proved.

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What kind of evidence needs to be gathered before making a complaint?

It happens many times that the person does not have the proof related to complain and he prepares the complaint letter. Don’t do this at all. Don’t just complain in the air. First, gather strong evidence that what you are complaining about is true. Otherwise, it will be considered as an attempt to malign the image. You may also have to face action in response to this. Avoid becoming a pawn in someone’s hand in this matter. Often due to political enmity, people are willing to complain to the Gram Pradhan making allegations. Whatever step you have to take, take it only after complete preparation.

How to check the details of works done in Gram Panchayats?

You must be thinking that you will need enough evidence to make a complaint, from where can you collect it. Let us inform you that the complete details of the money sent to the Gram Panchayat and the money used are also available online these days. You can get complete information by visiting

Apart from this, if you want, you can also get complete information about the development works in the village under RTI and the amount spent on them in writing from the Gram Pradhan. This will be a solid basis for your complaint. This information can be obtained as follows-

  • Here on the home page, you will be asked the year of the scheme you want information about. You have to select the year from the drop-down menu.
  • After this, the captcha code has to be entered in the box given below.
  • After this, click on the option to get the report.
  • Now the list of all the states will open in front of you.
  • In this, you select the name of your state.
  • Now the list of districts of the state will open in front of you.
  • Now select your block from this. And then to his village.
  • Now the details of all the works will come in front of you as soon as the list of the village is opened.
  • ahead of you related work View or Export PDF [export pdf] You can get complete information by clicking on the option of.
  • On this website, you will get the details of the development works done in the panchayats like the name of the work, its estimated cost, actual cost, etc. Along with this, all kinds of audited reports, guidelines issued by the government regarding panchayats, etc. will be available to you on this website.

What type of corruption is seen in Panchayats?

Most of the cases of embezzlement of money are seen in Panchayats. For example, suppose that a pavilion is to be constructed in a village. It turns out that the pavement was laid, but the material was poor in it, due to which the blocks started breaking.

Similarly, many types of constructions appear only in files, which do not even come down to the surface. Huge amount is allocated by the government for development works in panchayats, due to which complaints of rigging are also seen on a large scale in panchayat elections.

The situation is that the seat of the district panchayat president, including the panchayats, is reserved for women at many places. But it often happens that the election is contested by the woman, but the husband is responsible for it, and after winning, the work of the panchayats is carried out by the husband.

Many web series has also been made on the behavior of princes.

The work behavior of the Gram Pradhan is such that the OTT platform including Bollywood also sees the spice in it. Look at Lantern itself, the story of this web series also revolves around the panchayat.

Similarly, many films have also come on the big screen, which are seen directly exposing the corruption of theGram Pradhan. They were also well-liked because of showing real situations. For example, take the example of a love story in Toilet. It also exposed the corruption in the construction of toilets.

Where the tailor shop was later opened in the toilets itself. Due to the involvement of money, there is a lot of money power in the election of the head. Often the Bahubalis of the villages enter the elections. After winning the election, their entire emphasis is on recovering the expenses incurred in the election.

What does the Gram Pradhan do?

It is the responsibility of the Gram Pradhan to get the development work done in the village.

How can a complaint be made against the Gram Pradhan?

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh, you can complain to the Gram Pradhan by calling the toll free number 1076.

How can complaint of Gram Pradhan be made offline?

For this, the complaint letter and evidence are handed over to the DM of the concerned district. If he considers it sufficient, then after the investigation of the village head, action is taken against him.

What is the official website address of E Gram Swaraj?

The address of the official website of e Gram Swaraj is

We told you in this post that you How can I complain to the village head? If you are also troubled by the conduct of your village head, then you can complain against him by adopting the above mentioned methods. can take action against him. Hope you liked this post. Do not forget to share this post as much as possible from the perspective of awareness. Thank you.

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