BRABU UG Admission 2021 online application will resume again

The date of the ongoing application process for the enrolment of BRABU UG Admission 2021 Graduation Part One in BRA Bihar University is over, there are still many students who have not filled the form for Graduation Part One Admission, the student has not yet filled the Part One form. He will be given a second chance. The last date to apply for the first graduate Part One was kept till 30 April 2021.

The BRABU UG Admission 2021 online application was sought for admission to 1 lakh 36 thousand seats in 78 colleges for graduation part one academic session 2021-2024. Which is 27 thousand more than last time. But so far, 93135 have come online for enrolment in Part One, which is not even in the ratio of seats, due to which the date of graduation application will be extended.

Presently, the process of BRABU UG Admission 2021 Graduation Part One online application has not been taken forward because of the corona epidemic. As soon as there is an improvement in the corona case, the date will be issued again and the application will be taken.

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Due to covid-19, a large number of students living in rural areas have been deprived of filling online forms. Even though cyber cafes, are not able to fill the graduation part 1 form. In such a situation, this online process has now been postponed following the instructions of the Vice-Chancellor of Bihar University.

BRABU UG Admission 2021: History, geography and Hindi have the most applications

According to the applications which have come for graduation Part One till 30 April 2021, the maximum number of students have applied for enrollment in History, Geography, Hindi. There have been 29972 applications in history so far. At the same time, 12450 students in Geography have applied. In Hindi, 10 thousand students have applied, while in psychology, 7856 students have applied. The number of applications in Home Science is 6471. At the same time, 5859 students have applied to the account. 2352 in Political Science, 1062 applications have come in Urdu.

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