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Every person has his own personality, personality means the personality of that person whenever we meet someone, we introduce ourselves. You keep meeting someone or the other every day, you like meeting someone very much, then meeting someone does not seem like that to be remembered again. But the words of some people, their behavior, there are many such things that force you to remember. The reason for this is his personality. In today’s time it is very important to have a good personality, whether in any field whether you are in job, in business, or are students. What is meant by a good personality? What should be the qualities? We are going to give you the answers to all these questions.

Whenever we meet a person for the first time, we try to judge that person according to his personality. Personality or personality is such a quality that tells everything about the behavior and attitude of every human being. These days people are very conscious for personality. It is from the personality that a person gets an idea about another, how such a person will be. You must have seen that many times we get attracted towards such a personality, whose appearance is not special. Actually, it includes not only the appearance but also all the qualities of a person. This is the reason that not only in ordinary life when someone goes for a job, but he also has a personality test. Through this, an attempt is made to check the qualities of the person. It is seen whether the person is capable of a certain post or not. Nowadays, many institutes teaching the tricks of personality development have also opened. Today in this post we will discuss this topic in detail how to do personality development? (how to develop a personality?). Hope you like this post-

What is meant by personality?

Before knowing about the ways of doing personality development, we need to know what is personality development. It means to enhance one’s personality i.e. development of personality. In personality development, you have to develop your personal behavior, attitude, way of presentation, way of talking to people, and many more. With personality development, you can improve your nature and behavior. It develops a positive attitude towards you along with the people around you. In this way, you can develop your personality.


The meaning of a person’s personality is determined by his personal qualities. For example, his conduct, his behavior, his way of interacting with others, his attitude, his way of presentation, etc. Good personality means that the personality of the person is very good, that is, good qualities exist in him. The owner of an attractive personality attracts everyone towards him.

How to do Personality Development?

How you talk to people makes a big difference in your personality. That’s why you have to take care of how you talk to someone. Keep in mind that when you talk to someone, always keep your voice soft and neither speak slowly nor fast. Before speaking anything, think that the person in front of you will not feel bad about what you said. Whenever you talk, talk only by looking at the person in front. Also keep in mind that you should also develop your listening ability before speaking. The more attentively you listen to the talk of the person in front, the more the person in front will listen to you. Try to explain anything in short words. Apart from this, you can join any institute, where training of personality grooming is given. Some of its tips are as follows-

1. Keep an eye on your dressing sense-

Dressing sense plays an important role in personality, even if a person is not talking to you, even then he can tell a lot about you by looking at the dressing sense. Therefore, keep in mind that in any official meeting or professional place, wear clean clothes. On the other hand, if you are going to a party, then wear party wear clothes, do not wear formal clothes at all. Make sure that the clothes are always pressed and there are no stains on them.

  • Go to any official meeting or professional place wearing clean and decent clothes.
  • If you are going to the party then wear party wear clothes, do not wear formal clothes.
  • Whenever you go out, go out in the clothes you wear outside the house. Do not go out in night dress or home clothes.
  • The clothes should always be pressed and not stained.

Those who are not familiar with you also make an impression on you by looking at your dressing sense. For example, if you wear clothes without being pressed or torn, then people will start thinking of you as careless. on the contrary, people who are usually very loaded are also considered pretentious. You should dress according to the season and occasion. For example, party wear in the office will not suit you. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed.


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2. Take care of your looks-

This is also very important to Take care of yourself and your looks. Your complexion does not matter in the looks, but it will be good for your personality to take care of some things. For example, whenever you go out, comb your hair thoroughly. Always keep the nails clean, and never put on too much makeup to look good. Keep your footwear in such a way that matches your dress. Also, keep yourself groomed. In any professional field you will see that people have properly set hair, maintained body, and well-dressed clothes, and these things impress anyone at first glance.

  • Whenever you go out, comb your hair properly. Scattered hair doesn’t make you a good impression.
  • Keep nails clean. Properly shaped and neat nails also enhance your look.
  • Don’t put on too much makeup. Make-up according to the situation, like your makeup should be light in the office and even while going out, do not do your makeup in such a way that your face looks strange.
  • Keep your footwear in such a way that matches your dress. Just like formal shoes or sandals look good on formal clothes. Too bright or colorful footwear does not look good on them.
  • Groom yourself. In any professional field you will see that people have their hair set properly, body maintained, well dressed clothes and these things impress anyone at first glance.

Here looks do not mean always having dyed coats, but looking good. For example, do not do make-up that pricks the eyes. Apart from this, the hair should not be scattered. Whatever style you have, keep your hair neatly done. Always keep your nails clean and it will be great if you wear shoes according to the dress. With this, you will look completely maintained.

3. Improve your communication skills-

Your behavior with another person shows your inner personality. So keep in mind that talk to the most respectful, whether he is younger or older than you or rich or poor, your behavior should be the same towards everyone. Whenever you meet someone, do not forget to smile and greet them. On the other hand, if you feel that the person in front is saying something wrong, then explain it to him comfortably and not shout at him. Don’t argue with people over everything. Listen, understand and then speak only if something is wrong. Any communication skill (communication skills) first reveals his personality. It most needs to be improved. You should speak by making your tone soft. Your voice should neither be too loud nor too slow. Try to speak your mind with a smile and don’t drag the point. Complete the conversation in few words.

  • Always keep your voice soft and neither speak slowly nor fast.
  • Before speaking anything, think that the person in front of you will not feel bad about what you said.
  • Whenever you talk, talk only by looking at the person in front.
  • Enhance your ability to listen before you speak. The more attentively you listen to the talk of the person in front, the more the person in front will listen to you.
  • Along with Hindi, it is important to know English language in India as well. That’s why try that you also learn to speak English, for which you read magazines, read books, and try to talk to your friends in English.
  • Try to explain anything in short words.

4. Work on your body language-

First of all, improve the way you sit. Whenever you sit in front of someone, then sit in such a way that looking at the person in front of you, do not feel as if you are sitting in your house. Keep your seating style professional. Even while walking, keep in mind that walk comfortably and do not walk while pushing someone else. Also, whenever you talk standing in front of someone, do not stand in such a way that it seems that you have too much attitude. Don’t stand at all with your hands in pockets or similar methods. When talking to someone, do not try to express the point with too many hands.

  • Improve the way you sit. Whenever you sit in front of someone, then sit in such a way that looking at the person in front of you, do not feel as if you are sitting in your house. Keep your seating style professional.
  • Even while walking, keep in mind that walk comfortably and do not walk while pushing someone else.
  • Whenever you laugh, laugh in a way that doesn’t make much noise. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t laugh openly. Just don’t mind anyone else just laughing at you.
  • When you are standing in front of someone, do not stand in such a way that you have too much attitude. Standing with your hands in the pocket or in a similar way, it may seem that you have more strut than necessary. So avoid these habits.
  • Do not try to express the point with too many hands while talking to someone or understanding something.

The way you sit up is also enough to expose your personality. If you are meeting someone professionally, then do not sit there with your feet on your feet like at home. Keep your posture comfortable but do not stretch. Have a rhythm in walking. Of course, go easy. If someone is ahead of you, don’t push them or be in a hurry to walk. Do not move your hands a lot while talking to someone. Don’t talk with your hands in the pocket or with your hands tied. People can think of you as an Attitude.

5. Maintain your self-confidence-

It is very important to have confidence inside everyone. If you feel that your confidence is weak, then first of all identify your strengths and weaknesses. When you know your strength, then you can use it to increase your confidence and overcome your weaknesses. Try to keep smiling always, because your smiling face will increase your confidence. Do all your work carefully. Keep in mind that always do easy things first and try to do difficult things later. Your confidence will increase due to easy tasks and self-confidence will help you to finish difficult tasks easily. Maintain your confidence while meeting anyone, while talking, in the meeting, in an interview, or in any other place. Good looks build confidence. Apart from this, by keeping your information updated, learning new things, and taking initiative in any work also increase confidence. Try to do the thing that scares you. Once you do that, it will boost your confidence immensely.

6. Treat people with respect

Try to treat every person you meet, whether rich or poor, with respect. There is a saying – Speak with taste, you will get respect free of cost. Tie it in a knot. Use this mantra in your speech and behavior. You will also not be aware that everyone who is soft-spoken is liked and admired by everyone. On the contrary, no one likes a person who shows attitude or is rude.

7. Read more and more, learn a new language, new skill

You can learn any skill that is not very common. This also adds to your personality. Let’s say you like French literature, you read a translation of it. But if you learn French, you will enjoy reading literature more. At the same time, people will also appreciate you because of your ability. Apart from this, try to read and learn as much as you can. These days the internet has made everything very easy. You can learn to make new dishes through YouTube. You can do any online course or anything else according to your interest. All this will further groom your personality.

8. Mobile manners are also very necessary-

This is the age of mobile, in such a situation it is very important to have mobile manners. First of all, pick up the mobile before the full ringing. Do not talk loudly on mobile. If calling someone, introduce yourself first. Don’t think that the next person may have already fed your number. Many times it becomes a mistake. If you are not able to pick up someone’s phone due to busyness, then message him and tell him about your busyness and say that you will call as soon as you are free. While talking to someone on the phone, do not hold a conversation with someone else. If you are in a meeting or meeting, do not keep playing with your mobile.

Create your own identity

By developing personality, you lead a better life than others. This creates a positive thought for you in the minds of people and then people want to join you and want to be like you. And there will be hardly anyone who does not want people to follow their lifestyle.

Remove stress and conflict from life

Personality development improves the way you live your life. Your lifestyle and thinking towards life changes and you start paying more attention to positive things instead of shortcomings in life, due to which you are more happy and happiness reduces stress in your life like this.

Negativity will be removed from life

If you also have a negative attitude, then you will only find problems in every work of life. Whereas the person who has a positive attitude, he sees a way out of that difficulty somewhere in every difficulty. With this your work never stops and you always move forward in life.

Why is personality development necessary?

  • First of all, if you have a good personality then people like you.
  • If everyone praises you then you feel happy in life. Less stress in your life.
  • With a better lifestyle, your thinking changes and you live a good life.
  • Always by good behavior with people, with good thinking, positivity remains in your life. You stay away from negativity.
  • Your self-confidence remains in doing any work.
  • People with good personalities get public dealing jobs easily. They are very successful in this too.

What are the stains on your personality?

There are many such things, which, despite having a good appearance, make a person unpopular, spoil his personality. Some such things are as follows-

  • Talking in a very loud voice.
  • Shaking legs while sitting on a chair or putting a finger in-ear or nose.
  • The sound of chewing food while eating or making a sound while drinking tea.
  • While talking, cutting off the talk of the other before it is completed.
  • Do not consider anyone in front of you.
  • Exaggerating or lying about yourself in the friend circle.
  • Shaking hands while sitting on a chair after meeting someone elder.
  • Not being updated with the information in your area.
  • Arriving in the office wearing press clothes without twisting.
  • Scattered hair or not combed properly.
  • Arriving in the office wearing party wear or party wear in the party.
  • Getting angry over talk or misbehaving with others.
  • Lack of confidence in doing any work etc.

Personality tests are necessary even for prestigious like IAS

The personality test is very important not only in common life but also for a prestigious service like IAS. Through this, it is known whether the candidate has the aptitude which is required for this job.

Through this test, his mental test is also done. How does he react to a problem? How does one solve it? What does he think about a particular situation? Through personality tests and interviews board members test his personality.

Many institutions are open to personality development

You have already understood the importance of personality. You will also know that these days many institutes are also open for personality development. They teach you everything from teaching you how to sit, walk and speak, how to dress properly, speak English, etc. Gradually, they are expanding even to small towns. In return, they also charge a hefty fee. We have tried to tell you in this post How to do Personality Development. You can improve both your personality and your life by adopting the tips given in this post. Do not forget to share this post as much as possible to help people with personality development. Thank you.

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