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Gas booking WhatsApp number: Now you can easily book an LPG cylinder on WhatsApp sitting at home. India’s largest petroleum companies such as Bharat Gas, Indane Gas, and HP Gas are also offering customers the service of booking cylinders through WhatsApp. Let us tell you how you can book gas through WhatsApp in seconds and what are the booking numbers. The facility of booking cylinder through WhatsApp will be available only on the number which is registered with your agency. You cannot book a gas cylinder without registering.

Talking about the kitchen, the most talked-about is the gas cylinder. The housewives are most worried about the cylinder not running out. She wants that the cylinder should be booked in advance so that the cylinder is not cheated at the time of eating. Earlier cylinders were booked through phone from IVR facility, but now with the changing technology, gas agencies have also stepped in step by step. Now if you want, you can also book your gas cylinder through WhatsApp. How can you do this? Today in this post we will give you detailed information regarding this. Hope you like this post of ours-

Indane gas booking whatsapp number

Indane Gas customers can book on number 7588888824. Consumers save this number 7588888824 on their mobile. After that open WhatsApp. Open the saved number and send it by typing BOOK or REFILL# from that registered number. As soon as you send it by typing REFILL#, a reply to the completion of the order will come. The date of delivery of cylinder booking will also be written in the reply.


Bharat Gas Booking Whatsapp Number

For booking Bharat Gas, you will have to save the number 1800224344 on your mobile. After saving the number, you have to go to WhatsApp. After this, open the saved Bharat Gas ie Bharat Petroleum Smart Line Number. After this, send Hii, Hello on WhatsApp. A reply will come immediately, which will be welcomed by the agency on WhatsApp. Whenever you want to book a cylinder, just send it by writing a book on WhatsApp. As soon as you send the book by writing, you will get the order details and on which day the cylinder will be delivered, it will also come by writing on WhatsApp.


HP Gas booking whatsapp number

HP customers save this number 9222201122 in your mobile. After saving this number, open WhatsApp and open the saved number. Write a book on the number of the saved HP gas cylinder and send it. The order details will come on WhatsApp itself as soon as you send a book to this number of HP Gas from your registered number. In this, complete details including the delivery date of the cylinder will be written.


What is the meaning of LPG?

First of all, let us know the meaning of LPG. Its full form is liquefied petroleum gas. It is also called Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Hindi. It is more commonly known as LPG. Let us inform you that its demand has increased a lot in the country.

India is considered to be the second-largest LPG importer country in the world. Since the launch of the Ujjwal Yojana by the government, there has been a gradual increase in the demand for this gas. Its use has increased tremendously in rural areas as well.

How to Book Indane Gas Through Whatsapp: Booking like this

  • For gas booking, first of all, save the number 7588888824 in your mobile.
  • After saving the number, open the WhatsApp app, then open the saved number.
  • After the chat box is opened, you will have to send REFILL for gas booking.
  • If you want to know the status of gas booking, then for this you have to

LPG companies are there in the country

Before telling you the process of booking gas cylinders through WhatsApp, we will give you information about the government companies of LPG in the country. Let us tell you that there are three government companies of LPG in the country. The first Indian Oil Corporation ie IOC’s Indane Gas.

The second is Bharat Gas of Bharat Petroleum and the third is HP Gas of Hindustan Petroleum. These three companies deploy their distributors across the country, who deliver gas cylinders to the public through gas agencies and through them.

Gas Cylinder bookin through whatsapp?

Gone are the days when one had to stand in line at the agency to book gas. IVR facility came on the first phone and now gas cylinder book can be easily done sitting at home through WhatsApp. All the detail details are easily exchanged in one message.

inform you that all three government companies (government companies) have issued different WhatsApp numbers for booking gas cylinders, on which gas cylinders can be booked comfortably by messaging. Its process is as follows-

1.Indane Gas Cylinder Booking through WhatsApp?

If you are also a customer of Indane Gas, then you can whatsapp on 7588888824 to book gas cylinder. Its process is easy. First of all save this number in your mobile. After this, open the saved number by opening WhatsApp and send it by writing book or Refill # from that number.

As soon as the message is sent, the answer for the order received will come in the reply. In this, the date of delivery of the booked cylinder will also be written by you.

2. How to do HP Gas Cylinder Booking through WhatsApp?

If you are a customer of HP Gas Agency, then you can easily book your gas cylinder by messaging on WhatsApp number 9222201122. For this, you will have to repeat the process mentioned above. First of all save the number in your mobile.

After this, open WhatsApp and send the book to the saved number. Soon after this, all the order details including the delivery date of the cylinder will be sent to you by the agency.

3. How to do Bharat Gas Cylinder Booking through WhatsApp

Now we will inform you that if you are a customer of Bharat Gas, then on which number to send the message. This number is 1800224344. First of all you have to save this number in your mobile phone. After this, open WhatsApp and open this number in it.

Start the chat by typing hi in it. As soon as the welcome reply comes from the agency, you can write the book and send the message immediately. After this, the order details related to your cylinder will be sent to you by the agency. Along with this, the cylinder delivery date will also be sent to you.

Most important thing to book cylinder through WhatsApp

What is the most important thing to book a gas cylinder through WhatsApp? This is the thing that deserves the most attention. Let us inform you that the facility of booking cylinder from WhatsApp number will be available only on that number, your number which is registered with the gas agency.

Without this you will not be able to book a gas cylinder. For example, suppose your number 9123456780 is registered with the gas agency, you have to send the book message to the gas agency from this WhatsApp number.

How much gas is consumed daily in the country?

These days gas cylinder is used in almost every household. In such a situation, increasing its prices affects the budget of every family. In such a situation, this question can arise in the mind of any common person how much domestic gas is consumed every day in the country?

Let us inform you that 47.4 lakh domestic LPG cylinders of 14.2 kg are consumed daily in our country. Some part of the government’s revenue is based on domestic and non-domestic LPG cylinders.

But it keeps changing every month. This is because retail sale prices are scheduled based on product prices and currency exchange rates in the international oil market.

On the way, let us also tell you that 5 percent GST has been imposed on domestic LPG by the government, while 18 percent GST has been imposed on non-domestic LPG.

LPG connections have been issued under Ujjwala Yojana?

Domestic gas connections have been issued by the government under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana and Ujjwala 2.0 to reduce the use of smokeless stoves. This scheme has got a very good response from the beneficiaries. If we talk about the data released on December 6, 2021, then a total of 8.8 crores LPG connections have been issued under these two schemes in the country.

This scheme has to a great extent removed the difficulties of domestic women especially in rural areas. Now they do not have to go to the forest to get fuelwood. You don’t have to spend your life in smoke. Earlier they used to be vulnerable to many types of respiratory diseases due to the harmful fumes coming out of the stove.

His disease kept getting serious if he did not get treatment immediately. Now she feels relieved when the smoke is gone. In such a situation, life has become a little easier for them.

What type of grievance customers have related to Gas agencies?

There are many complaints about gas agencies to customers, we are all aware of this, but let us inform you that most of these complaints are related to the reduction of domestic gas. This means that less gas is being given in the gas cylinder.

Many times complaints are also received from the customers about the cylinder being filled with water. In this regard, sometimes there are actions like commotion, demonstration on the part of the customers, but it is rarely seen that any corrective step is taken by the gas agency owners. In fact, people are very less aware of their rights in this regard.

Apart from this, very few people reach the DSO ie District Supply Office regarding such a matter. Overall uproar, after the performance the talk ends. Although the customer rights poster from the office should be on every gas agency, they do not show interest or seriousness in this regard.

How many government companies of LPG are there in the country?

There are three state-owned LPG companies in the country. IOC’s Indane Gas, Bharat Petroleum’s Bharat Gas and Hindustan Petroleum’s HP Gas.

Can a gas cylinder be booked through WhatsApp?

Yes, now this facility is available to LPG gas customers.

Can I message any WhatsApp number to book a gas cylinder?

No, you have to send the message from the same WhatsApp number which is registered with the gas agency.

From which WhatsApp number can Indane Gas customers book gas cylinders?

Indane Gas customers can WhatsApp on 7588888824 to book gas cylinders.

What number do Bharat Gas customers need to WhatsApp to book a gas cylinder?

Bharat Gas customers need to WhatsApp on 1800224344 number to book a gas cylinder.

On which WhatsApp number can HP customers book gas cylinders?

HP customers can book gas cylinders on WhatsApp number 9222201122.

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We have you in this post How to book gas cylinder through Whatsapp? Important information to be provided. Hope this process is clear to you. Through this information, you can book your gas cylinder from WhatsApp at any time sitting at home and get details like delivery date, etc. Do not forget to share this post as much as possible for the purpose of public awareness. Thank you.

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